Welcome to 22 Birdwalk Disc Golf, we are located halfway between Caroline (Hwy. 54) and Sundre (Hwy 27) on HIGHWAY 22.

You can just show up to play, no reservations are necessary. Light lunches, ice-cream and non-alcoholic refreshments are available in the Tea and Craft Gallery.

There is 9 holes on a 1 Km circular trail winding amongst the Aspen trees and bushes. This provides a somewhat challenging course, with Par set at 33 for the present time.

There is no charge, but donations are accepted to help cover maintenance costs if you wish. Please come and play at your own risk.

Contact, Norm or Hilda at 403-722-3934 or 403-638-7356 or e-mail: loppe@telusplanet.net

Map of the course


Hole #1 - PAR 4: Go right, down and past out House. Tee off at bend and bottom of hills (near Target #9), up hill, left bend and down hill. Approximately 77 yards to target.

Hole #2 - PAR 5: Top of next rise, straight trail up and down, sharp right turn to target in clearing, approximately 144 paces.

Hole #3 - PAR 4: Back on trail, up small hill, 35 yards, at base of next hill, turn left 95 yards to target.

Hole #4 - PAR 4: Go left following winding trail 110 yards , sharp left , 23 yards and target is under large spruce.

Hole #5 - PAR 3: 21 yards to main trail, turn left, follow trail dipping and winding 48 yards to target.

Hole #6 - PAR 3: 25 yards to 'T' in trail, right turn 30 yards for T-off, (turn around) , then straight North approximately 70 yards to target on right.

Hole #7 - PAR 4: Trail takes bend to right and up wee hill, then to right again, approximately 84 yards. How good are you at going through trees!

Hole #8 - PAR 3: Follow trail to North, 42 yards, you can see target through trees to right, another 27 yards sharp left turn, by large Spruce, then left again and 21 yards to target .

Hole #9 - PAR 3: From large Spruce, left down hill 25 yards to target on left.

A Right turn takes you back to the Gallery.

Other Images Of The Course


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