November 2011 Update!! 

Baker now has 18 new Mach 5 Baskets!

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Thanks to the never ending work of the CDGC to get this course in place.  It is the 1st public 18 hole basket course in Calgary!  Cement teepads and signage will go up in the spring of 2012.

How do you get there?

It is located across the Bow River from Bowness Park.  Cross the river going north on the 85 St. bridge, and turn onto Scenic Bow Road.  The parking lot entrance is on your left.

May 2012 Update

Cement Tee-pads installed, Signage to follow shortly!



Baker History

Baker Park has had a casual discgolf 'object' course installed for well over 15 years.  Before the Canmore Nordic Centre came into being, Baker had the 18 "heavy metal" tones.  These were moved out to Canmore when it was first developed and served well until baskets went in.  Baker had used a combination of hockey sticks and 2L pop bottles for targets.  Baker was also used occasionally for tournaments over the years.

January 2008 Update:

The photos below show Scott Wilson and Craig Burrows-Johnson playing disc golf at Baker Park on December 26, 2007.  During our 3 hour round in the park we didn't see one other person....this park continues to be underutilized, although it is starting to attract some dog walkers from nearby Bowmont off-lease area.

Conditions were nearly ideal for a winter round with the temperatures hovering around -7 with a light cover of snow over laying the frozen ground.  (Under these conditions the wheelchair is actually easier to move across the park landscape during spring or summer  when the ground is much softer and the wheels encounter higher rolling resistance). 

Most of the milk jug targets which were present in late Autumn have been removed, likely by Parks and Rec staff who are maintaining and patrolling the park much more frequently than at any time in the past 10-12 years.  But there are targets on every fairway and all the tee box markers (paired river stones) are in place.  Targets in place as of December 26 included; one very large rock, bamboo sticks, taped trees, one taped street light, a variety of painted stakes, a few milk jug targets, etc..  They are difficult to spot unless you know where to look......  One of my projects for 2008 will be to draw up and post a map of the Baker Park object course, so stand by for more on that. 

This is still the best place to play disc golf in Calgary and the 24 object layout provides a player with every shot option from monster Par 4s to tricky little Par 3 technical shots. Hope you enjoy the photos...the sequences with the chickadee and the #1 Hookshot were really magical.  Disc golf in complete harmony with Nature."

Other Images Of The Course


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